Logo Design & Branding

I create visually appealing and meaningful logos for everyone, really. I also create visual identity graphic design, also known as brand design or brand identity. These include the logo and things like type, colors and visual embellishments that make your signature look. I can also help with all the places your visual identity goes, from business cards to website.

Brand & New Business Coaching

Most of my clients are ordinary people like me, creating their business from the ground up entirely on their own. I provide coaching on all things new business: website setup, branding, copy, marketing (email, social & SEO), and more.

Bespoke Front Creation

I can create a one of a kind font for your business logo and brand. My fonts are creative, fun, and totally unique.


A life long artist, I have been heard to say, “I can draw anything.” I have created digital illustrations for online news articles, coloring book pages, app avatar design, show posters, and a variety of hand drawn and hand painted graphics for gift cards, instructions manuals, blogs, and more. If you need an illustration, and you like my style, contact me today.

Website Creation

I can create web sites just like this one here. I can host sites, but I’m a perfect fit for the type of hands on entrepreneur who wants to manage their own site but needs a little help getting started.


My years of experience in fine art have given me the skills to create high quality work. However, I’ve only been practicing graphic design since fall 2019, so my rates are very affordable. I charge a very fair hourly rate for all of my work.

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