My recent work for Shade in LA, an installation at Arroyo Arts Collective to bring awareness to shade access, has been featured on the Sierra Club Blog and The Eastsider.

Climate Challenge

I am hosting a month long Climate Challenge during May 2022. If you’d like to join, go here: It’s free. I am also hosting the challenge in my Instagram Stories. My challenge addresses only the most significant ways you contribute to climate change. I assign small actionable tasks to help you begin your new, low emission existence. The cure for eco-anxiety is to be the change.

Graphic Design & Illustration

My graphic work is colorful and is largely hand drawn. I create logos, fonts, book covers, posters, patterns and even websites.

Pocket Press

I designed this mini press so all printmakers can press monoprints and etchings without a floor or tabletop press.

This handheld etching press prints larger than any other mini press. My presses have been featured in Pressing Matters Magazine and on Creative Bloq.

View Art

I’ve been painting the LA landscape for well over a decade.

Other series include tongue in cheek hand painted signs, and my most recent abstract work.

Collect Art.

In my shop you’ll find all kinds of art; high, low, and craft.

depicts small painting with onion shaped figure with pink swath, and little anemone like growth on the inside. Very blue and green.



I am Diana. I am a visual artist and graphic designer, and the creator of the pocket printmaking press. I live near Pasadena, CA.


I am a maker by nature, and I sell all of my creations in my shop. The selection ranges from fine art to functional kitsch.


I designed the poster and type for Imagemaker, a new documentary by Uma Sanasaryan on being an imagemaker for the Goddess Kali. See more of my illustration work here.

Cover Design for Ariadne Unraveled

Do you enjoy my art and steamy, absorbing, educational, feminist historical fiction? Buy your copy of Ariadne Unraveled here!

Passion Projects

Mini Portraits

Two of my artistic passions are drawing people and making art ownership accessible. My 5″ x 5″ mini portraits combine both.