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My LA River Tower etching hangs with the pans in this Apartment Therapy feature, top left.
See the article here. Photo credit: Jessica Isaac
My recent work for Shade in LA, an installation at Arroyo Arts Collective curated by Jolly de Guzman, brought awareness to shade access. My work discusses ways the privileged contribute to rising heat and suffering, often, in the ways that they escape it.
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Page from my hand pressed book of climate action still lifes.
This page features an etching of my local community sustained agriculture (CSA) box.
I painted this during the height of the Pandemic, when I wondered if we would ever see faces in public again.
Diana Kohne Rozee Meat market painting of an intersection in Sunland
Liquor Market
Diana Kohne Best Deal Motors LA lurban landscape painting
Best Deal Motors
Diana Kohne painting of a railing urban scenes
Glendale Rail 10″ x 7″ acrylic on panel
Freeway Entrance Los Angeles urban landscape painting by Diana Kohne
Freeway Entrance 2019