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About my Design Work

I approach graphic design as an artist, bringing my creativity and artistic sensibilities to each project. Before I became a graphic designer, I pursued fine art and launched 3 businesses. I understand that my clients feel a personal connection to their business and want a meaningful logo to match. This is why my design process is a conversation with my client. We collaborate to create a logo that is a unique work of art. I can provide any other graphics clients need to help build their brand. I work exclusively with clients whose work adds to the good in the world.

LinkedIn Learning interviewed me about my career pivot from fine artist to creative logo designer, which you can watch here. When I am not designing, I am parenting my son, building my pocket printmaking presses, drawing mini portraits, working on a new typeface design, and moderating Trade Closet; a place for women to trade fashion. I joined the For Animals. For Earth podcast to talk about Trade Closet and my buy nothing new lifestyle here. I proudly design all the chapter emblems of the MAEVE national mothering group team, which you can see here.

Painting and Printmaking

My Los Angeles urban landscape paintings are known for their unique color and compositions. My work was published in New American Paintings Issue 121 and is a part of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation collection. My paintings have been shown locally and nationally.

I designed the Pocket Press and developed 2 new unique press beds for this unique printmaking set up; the Magic Pressbed and the Registration Pressbed for printing reduction linocuts without a traditional press. My printmaking press has been featured in Pressing Matters Magazine and on Creative Bloq. I have taught printmaking workshops for Skillshare and at Ohio State University Urban Arts Space. And one time, actor Charlie Day purchased one of my hand tinted etchings.

I hold a degree in drawing and painting from the University of North Texas College of Visual Art and Design. Between paintings, my passion for the arts and sustainability energized me to launch several businesses. Art Cricket LA helped regular people collect art by local artists, Get Local was a way for Angelenos to shop locally online, and my pocket press venture is still in operation as a side hustle. I find graphic design to be at the intersection of my love for entrepreneurial ventures and art.

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