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Watch the Printmaking Press Kits in Action

Videos show you how to set up your printmaking station, how to stand when you press, and how to press your prints with a Pocket Press. This printmaking kit works a little differently, and this is why it’s the only small printmaking press that can print big.

How to set up the Pocket Press Kit Printmaking Station:

Watch me press intaglio and relief plates using the Pocket Press Kit, Magic Pressbed, and Registration Pressbed kits:


How to Press a Monotype with a Pocket Press + Magic Platen:

I pressed a second time (quickly) because I had pressed a little unevenly due to having the camera over my shoulder. Another fun feature of the pocket press- it’s ok take a peek and lay your paper back down.


How to Press intaglio drypoint etching plates with a Pocket Press + Magic Platen:

Using the ink stick to ink my plate for my drypoint holiday card:


Printing a 2 color linocut using the Pocket Press + Registration Press Bed