Diana’s experience as an artist set the stage for us to be able to think and vision outside the box of typical logo and branding templates, trends + ‘shoulds.’ Her ability to listen so carefully, imagine so vividly, + adapt so deftly are the magic ingredients that made this logo possible. She cares about the project, person behind it + mission of the brand in the way that an artist cares for their creation, and that is absolutely priceless.

Cat Moore

Diana Kohne is a treasure. She knew exactly what I wanted, but way hipper and more bold and stylized. She’s got a magical process for design that takes through what even you didn’t know you were looking for. She takes your feedback into the process and interprets what you are saying to make it 100x better. I knew I needed an expert for my logo but I appreciated that she is also a fine artist, because that lends so much […]

Dr. Jessica Bodoh-Creed

I highly recommend working with Diana – she asked all the right questions to deepen her understanding of my process and brand messaging. Diana is an incredible artist and collaborator and I appreciate the way she distilled a great deal of my brand words and nebulous thoughts into an image that I am so proud to have represent my brand. I appreciate that she incorporated all the aspects that were personally important to me and created something that felt like […]

Tiffany Luong Photo