I am a one stop shop for logo, branding, graphics, and web design for small businesses and individuals. I create and host responsive, SEO optimized, easy to navigate WordPress websites. I charge a friendly hourly rate for the work I do and every site I host gets a free @yourdomain.com email.

Novarum Roofing

I selected color, font, and images to communicate the core values of this liberal minded roofing company. This responsive website has subtle animations, contact form and a call now feature. I also created the logo, founder portrait, and custom icons. I curated photos and wrote informative and SEO considerate copy.

roofer branding

I designed a resume site to introduce people to Michael verbally and visually. We focus on areas of professional expertise as personal passions. All non main page headers feature Michael’s work so viewers become acquainted with his personal drawing style. I selected brand colors and type, wrote copy and added carefully chosen animations.

This artist wanted a website to mimic the gallery experience. The user can stroll via a slowly moving slideshow, or approach work by selecting a thumbnail image.

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