Handmade Market Collective

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los angeles handmade market minimalist logo design by Diana Kohne

It was a pleasure to work with the women behind my favorite handmade market to create a new logo for their new name. They wanted their new logo to maintain the bold, creative vibe of the logo I created for their previous name (HMLA), while incorporating the first two letters of the new word: collective.

I came up with several compositions, but my favorite was this idea to visually convey the meaning of the word collective by wrapping the c and o around the HM.

It’s always meaningful to design a logo for an organization I am personally involved with. I’m an avid maker, and I shared a table with @curiouser74 at the the holiday Handmade Market in LA, selling my printmaking and hand painted signs. Let’s take a look at a few other designs, starting with the original logo before their new name.

They’re not just in Los Angeles anymore. Keep an eye out for a Handmade Market Collective event in a California city near you. Learn more about Handmade Market Collective at www.handmademarketla.com and be sure to follow their journey on Instagram: @handmademarketcollective.