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Oh Honey Font


Oh Honey is my first font. I designed each and every character myself. The Standard version includes the standard English 26 letter alphabet in lower case and caps. It also includes numbers, everyday punctuation and American money symbols. The Complete version contains all the characters required by international font sellers, and even includes a few extra symbols.

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Oh Honey! is based on the bespoke font I created for the Amber and Honey Design Co. logo. While I prefer to leave the interpretation of the style and feel of this font to the viewer, I’ve come to see it as an organic, feminine, new retro typeface. It’s excellent for headline and header text, and legible when small.

How to install it?

On a Mac: find the Oh Honey file in downloads and click on it. You may have to drag and drop it into your Font Book, which is in your applications folder.

On a PC: Right click and select install. You may have to open Fonts in the Control Panel to access the Font Manager. Then, drag and drop your Oh Honey download.




Desktop, Web, App


Standard, All Characters


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