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Child Portrait Drawing

When I draw your child, I pay attention to how your child’s features work together to form their likeness. I draw each mini portrait completely by hand. Each portrait is on 5″ x 7″  vellum paper and will be mailed to you.

Now Offering Digitally Drawn Portraits!

digital child portrait

Digital portraits are hand drawn using the Procreate illustration program and my Apple Pencil. Your portrait will be delivered to your inbox! You can print your file at home, or send the file to a printer to create thoughtful gifts.

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My hand drawn portraits are meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and holidays.

Portraits are usually finished within one week and should arrive in less than 2 weeks. I support the USPS and will give you a tracking number when your order ships. If you are in the LA area, message me about local pickup.

After your purchase, you will receive instructions for sending me snapshots of your child. The best photos for these portraits are naturally posed. Send quiet moments rather than posed school photos. Send several photos so I can get a sense of your child’s unique face and be sure to tell me their name.

Why a miniature child portrait drawing? I wanted to make hand drawn portraits accessible for all budgets.

Can you also create hand drawn portraits of adults? Yes! I can draw anyone, even pets!

May I have two or more portraits on the same page? Yes. For digital commissions, the price is the same as 2 portrait commissions. The cost is more for paper portraits . When I make a mistake on one portrait, I can start over on just one drawing. When I make a mistake on a 2 person portrait, I have to start again on 2 drawings! Please contact me to discuss this or any other portrait drawing variation you have in mind.

Where can I see more portraits? Visit my Instagram account and select my Child Portraits saved stories.

What materials do you use? All of my portraits are drawn on vellum paper using colored pencils and an ink pen. Sometimes, I may utilize paint in these customs portraits.

How can I frame these mini portraits? 5″ x 7″ is a standard frame size available wherever frames are sold. I sometimes have frames on hand for $10. Be sure to inquire when I contact you for your photos.

Portrait Options:

Digital Portrait, Paper Portrait, Rush Paper Portrait


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