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Bench Hook Building Plans


Bench Hook Building Plans for Linocut Printmakers Now includes video!

These plans include printable illustrated instructions and an 8 minute video so you can build with me. Please, don’t wait until your blade slips to build yours. A must have for students.


Bench hook building plans contains a secret link to a video so you can follow along with me as you build your bench hook. It also includes a downloadable PDF with detailed step by step instructions, illustrations and photographs. These bench hook building plans are simple enough for beginners. Tools needed: drill, saw, and screwdriver. I have made this bench hook using a manual drill and saw. The bench hook is the most important part of the linocut toolkit. It keeps your fingers out of the path of the knife because it holds your plate steady. The bench hook works by catching on the edge of your desk or tabletop. Simply place your plate in the corner and carve away.