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I provided logo design, branding and web design for a Democrat roofing business in Texas. I created custom icons (above), repeating the shapes from the home and commercial building to form a mask so the all exist in the same visual world. I created a custom illustration of the founder as part of his brand. The portrait is in brand colors I selected, including Democrat and Biden blue and our newly named “shingle red”. I use color in the founder portrait and the background house to echo the American flag as we introduce the audience to him.

The business logo references the traditional roofer logo by including a roof, but updates it by using an icon that can stand alone without the support of the logotype. A donkey is standing in front of his house icon to reference the Democratic Party. It also is a nod to the stable Christ was born in because the business name is based on a Catholic social justice encyclical.

brand plan los angeles grpahic designer diana kohne
new business brand plan los angeles pasadena graphic designer diana kohne

Child Care App Brand

Avatar Design

I consulted on and created avatars (below) on the theme of pastimes and enjoyment as identifiers for adults and children, instead of gender.

Gift Card Design

Icreated a series of fun virtual gift cards based on my idea to portray moms taking care of themselves. These gift cards buy childcare time, and I wanted to add something different and loving to the world of images aimed at women. These are hand painted with hand lettered kind phrases to bring an intimacy to the cards with a color scheme based on the Komae brand, but with variation to feel new and special.