Trade Closet Logo

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trade closet logo with geometric letters by diana kohne

During Safer at Home I have missed thrift shopping. It’s the only place I really shop for clothing since switching to a Buy Nothing New lifestyle a few years ago. With no decent apps just for trading clothing (without money), I decided to launch my own venture, called Trade Closet. Until an app can be created, it currently functions as a facebook group. This new venture turned out to be the perfect opportunity to use and further develop a fun typeface I created for a recent job. It wasn’t their style, but it’s as fun as I want Trade Closet to be.

How does Trade Closet work?

Each member maintains their own “Trade Closet” in the group. This is simply a Facebook group post with photo comments showing what she has in her closet. If you’re local to LA, and you wear women’s clothing, you are welcome to join.