The Cultural Consultants Logo creative process

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The Cultural Consultants helps businesses and organizations navigate cultural representations and address diversity internally. Founder Dr. Jessica Bodoh-Creed needed a logo pronto to launch her very much needed venture. Jessica knew she wanted a globe icon and hoped to incorporate a watercolor effect. In just a few days we worked together to create a logo for her new enterprise. Read on to see our journey from start to finish and visit to learn more about how they can keep your business from becoming anachronistic.

But first, the final logos:

The Concept Art

Hi Jessica!

This is where we will keep all your logo design images, etc.

I sent you this, which I had already created. I can use the globe and the unique texture as a base to create your logo.

Here is a page from my sketchbook. I did some playing around with creating a shape formed by the “continents” or in the water. I also just simply played with fun, somewhat feminine colors.

I tried drawing a friendly 70s illustration inspired globe and also painted this really quick globe to consider another texture. See the illustration below to see how this paint texture translates into vector (logo) form.

illustration of two female friends enjoying eachother's company called Friend Date Diana Kohne

Let me know what you like from these drawings, and choose one or 2 directions to move forward with and I’ll start building in illustrator. We’ll look at text with the next batch.

The Inital Logo Proposals

Hi Jessica! Here are 3 logos proposals (with variations). I propose a friendly but non script typeface for this project because I want to communicate a sense of authority. I have selected a few typefaces to look at. These are not 100% polished, but are pretty close.

Polishing the Chosen Design and Looking and Typeface Options

My client specifically requested to see a large sampling of my recommended typefaces. The goal– a professional yet friendly vibe with a feminine touch. She also asked to take a look at different watercolor effects. She initially wanted bold and bright colors, but after seeing a water color sampling with more of a primary color scheme, decided that look worked better for her business.

Hi Jessica! So this watercolor is basically a painting, and the land shapes are a cut out which allows it to show through. I moved the “painting” around on the two examples to change up the colors. Sample using another “painting” below.

The logo design process is a journey, but not necessarily a long one. As a designer I always give my opinion, but I’ve learned to always consider and try out a client’s suggestion. This is the joy of the creative process- seeing how the two sensibilities meet.