Dye House Studios Brand Plan

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dye house logo by los angeles logo designer Diana Kohne

Dye House Studios is a fabric forward design house in Atwater Village. They will be launching in January. They create stylish home accents that are both environment and budget conscious- with a focus on using beautiful, contempory fabrics. Founded by Elana Sadler and operated by her and Rhiannon Gillis, they launch in January. Follow @dyehousestudios on Instagram and stay tuned!

I created two brand plans for Dye House with marketing material mockups. I wanted to create modern designs that set them apart from their peers. I decided on a logo plan to incorporate a symbol for easy identification in places where the full name can’t be used. The first logo takes a revival approach to being modern, while the house logo is simply of its time. Both color schemes represent the Dye House core values of fun, easy, vibrant and current.

brand plan los angeles grpahic designer diana kohne

A brand plan is much more than the design plan, of course. The brand plan is part business plan. It looks at peer businesses, examines the audience, and defines the core values of the brand. The plan creates a look that stands out among competitors, outlines how the audience will be reached, and creates a look that communicates the business’ core values to that audience.

The second logo design is a classic Diana Kohne design. It is both a monogram and a symbol. The house icon forms both a d and an h. Below is the final version. My client decided to use an evolution of the house icon that makes the initial more apparent. She adjusted the colors slightly. I started with a green house to represent the sustainability and eco friendly core value, but the client elected to use the green in their branding, using their signature blue as the house color. A few days later we learned that the Pantone color of the year is a very similar blue!

Below is the first version I presented to the client. I had a really hard time deciding whether to present a version that broke the d and h into 2 colors but ultimately went with the simplicity of one color. I liked the final plan to divide the shape and keep the house just one color.

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