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Sometimes logo design jobs are like this: I create a few samples and the client likes them and chooses one. Sometimes it’s a journey, and that’s just fine too. Rhiannon Gillis of Amber & Honey interior design got to experience what it is like to be on the other side of the table, as the design client. As a designer, she knew the vibe she wanted, but she wasn’t sure what that looked like. She reflected on being in the position of the customer, and how now she can appreciate what it’s like to know what you want, but not be sure what that is. My job was to listen and to keep sketching.

I knew I wanted something professional yet fun for Rhiannon. She wanted something simple with personality that reflected creativity. I started with a page of hand drawn type to help her narrow things down. I didn’t create these typefaces, but I started the project with a feeling that her logo type should be hand drawn.

I ended up creating my 3rd original typeface yet as we continued our conversation about creating something that was simple yet had personality.

We were about to move forward with one of these compositions…

..when she saw a logo I had proposed for my last job. It made sense now, why this logo had made me think of her when I made it. I created new letters and an ampersand and proposed these color samples based on colors she had shared with me.

Rhiannon is very happy with her final result, as am I. I plan to take some time to complete the alphabet for this, my second original typeface, which I have dubbed Amber & Honey.

Check out Amber and Honey, an interior design and staging company for everyone at They serve the LA area in person and everywhere else online.

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