A Fast Logo Design for a Rush Rebranding

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A design for a sole massage studio feature the body sole image, an image that is both a restored body and a foot

I enjoyed working with Worry Free Marketing to create a fast logo design for a client who needed a new name in a hurry. The client, a sole massage studio, wanted new look while remaining recognizable to their current clientele. All of my designs reference their old brand and were created in about 48 hours!

The company, a sole massage business, knew they wanted the sole to be an element in their logo design. They also wanted to remain recognizable to their clientele after transitioning to a new name and a new logo. I knew the best way to evoke the feel of the old logo and name was to carry their bold colors scheme over to the new design. I also used similar font or decorative elements.

The First Design

It was important to the business that their logo to to communicate safety, relaxation, and pain relief to their clients. For the first rebrand, I created a symbol that really took this desire to heart. In my preliminary sketches, I noticed a heart shape nestled in the space between a pair of soles. What could be better for a business that restores their clients by using their feet? I used a similar font and the same colors in the original logo to maintain brand recognition. To reference the word energizing as well as the restorative, pain relieving mission of the business, I added a subtle gradation to the business name.

In their brief, it was apparent that this sole massage business is cutting edge in their field. They carry out research in their field and are seen as medical treatment for chronic pain sufferers. Considering this area of professionalism, I decided to create a logo for them that could sit on a page with medical service providers. I incorporated medical logo imagery to create a completely unique logo for their 3rd rebrand option. I created a symbol that incorporates the foot and the body and communicates pain relief. The Body-Sole symbol depicts a sole while representing a body recently free from pain.

The Second Design

I selected very easy to read text for this logo because it features a brand new word. The “mentum” portion of the logo is italicized to slow the reader down and to reference the meaning behind the root word, momentum.

The Third Design

This design references their original logo the most. It uses a very similar font and incorporates a circle, echoing the one in the original design. It turns the S’s in this potential new name into feet. I included an emblem for subtle branding in where the whole name won’t be used, like the back of business cards or as a watermark on photographs. In this version, the circle references a halo and connecting the design to the word “sacred” in the new business name.

The jury is still out on which name and logo design they will move forward with. I enjoyed the opportunity to design a new logo that didn’t stray too far from the old. In a creative industry the options can be limitless so having some boundaries is always welcome. The artist in me enjoyed a chance to draw some feet and the designer in me liked the chance to sharpening my skills and practice fast logo design.

Written by Diana Kohne. Diana is a graphic designer in Pasadena, CA. Start your logo design process here or keep in touch through Instagram.

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