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wedding monogram design by designer diana kohne

A wedding is a special occasion deserving of its own one of a kind emblem. For my client (hi Emily!) I designed several variations of her wedding monogram, combining the initial of the first names of the bride and the groom.

As always, first, I sketch. Sketching led to the discovery that a cursive B is a reflection of an E. As I’ve said before, these discoveries are one of my favorite parts of graphic design. They have a way of making every design feel meant to be. You can also see the infinity symbol in my drawings. I eventually opted to let the wedding emblem’s design be gently inspired by the connecting element of the infinity symbol. Subtlety is more elegant.

Next, I start playing in Illustrator. I decided to start with script letterforms and supplement with my own drawing skills, rather than design new letters from scratch. In all of these designs I think of the infinity symbol, however, I let gestalt connect those points that I do not. After I spent some time playing, I mean, working, I had 5 wedding monogram designs for the couple to choose from.

When I’m working with people I already know, I like to speed up the process by sending my samples before they are perfectly polished. There may be a pixel or two out of place, but I find people know what their favorite is pretty quickly. This way, I’m able to get designs to the client faster, and I only spend my time cleaning up the final design. In this case, the design she chose was pretty clean, so that gave me time to play. Along with the black and white version of her wedding monogram design, I created a gold one, too.

final custom wedding monogram design by pasadena designer Diana Kohne

Thank you for reading. If you have a monogram I can help you with, or you would like to gift my service as an early and unique wedding present, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Written by Diana Kohne. Diana is a graphic designer in Pasadena, CA. Keep in touch through Instagram or sign up for the newsletter below.

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