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Entering design from a fine art practice means immersing myself in every area of design. With logo design under my belt, I knew I needed experience creating more complex layouts. I put out a notice offering extremely economical local Los Angeles flyer design and created 3 flyers in about 48 hours.

A Flyer for Language Learners

The first flyer design client needed a flyer to spread the word about her language classes. She included a couple of images, a tradition Maori pattern and the flag along with the text to include in the flyer. I had creative control. I decided to use the provided pattern for background and the shapes in the Maori flag to create a flyer that would echo the flag. What better way to capture the attention of this particular audience? These flyers were made specifically for web sharing. I made 2 versions to format perfectly on the 2 major sharing platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Although Facebook has purchased Instagram, a flyer that looks good on Facebook will appear too stretched and tiny to read on Instagram.

los angeles flyer design facebook flyer
los angeles flyer design instagram flyer

A Holiday Flyer for a Handmade Market

The second Los Angeles flyer design was for my logo client, Handmade Market LA. Their upcoming December market is just around the corner. They provided the image and the details. My job was to position things nicely, and in a way that is consistent with their brand. I had to expand the wall and I found a nice spot to hang the ornament without interfering with text. We tried a few different layouts and typefaces, ultimately settling on this version:

Los Angeles flyer design

A Matching Holiday Flyer

If you saw my last blog post about bleed and trim and margins, then you saw my flyer design for Los Angles and Pasadena area business LoveBug & Me. I created this based on a graphic the business owner provided, creating a new composition and several graphic elements.

Pasadena business flyer design

Contact me about making a creative, economical and fast flyer design for you. You can provide graphics for use in your project or I can find or create images for you. Then, all I need is the information to include along with your logo, if you have one, and I will start right away.

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  1. The Maori flyer is bold in color and text. Very nice. The HMLA is spectacular in its muted colors. I would say it fits the brand perfectly 🙂

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