Las Vegas Save the Date Card

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As an artist, it’s music to my ears when a client says “I trust you, please take full creative control.” I created 2 unique concepts for this client’s Save the Date cards. They are planning a Vegas wedding and wanted a fun graphic to reflect that.

I let my creativity go and I got to thinking about the slides I recently took from a deceased man’s home. He had no family and his belongings were being liquidated, along with his well organized collection of slides. I pulled out a few random slides and put them in my back jeans pocket as a memento. They turned out to be photos of the bright lights of old Las Vegas. I shared one of the images on Instagram and an account concerned with memorializing old Las Vegas reached out to me. I will be donating the slides to their collection. I am pleased that this man’s photos now have a place.

His photos were of the bright lights of Las Vegas. I made the inspirations for the first card choice the iconic neon signs of Las Vegas. First, I tried a Vegas Victor and Vegas Vicki theme, but he looks a little haggard from his years of smoking, and I couldn’t make the card all about Vickie.

I looked at more iconic Vegas signs and became inspired by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Emily had an idea about doing something with playing cards. I decided to base the design around my idea of the King and the Queen on the same playing card. It was such a fun concept, but when I started looking at the King and Queen of hearts, they looked miserable. The King of Hearts is actually stabbing himself in the head. So I settled on diamonds. They look much better, though the queen appeared quite tired and the king seemed quite unhappy. The benefit of an art education is that I can go in and do a lift. I was very pleased with the second card design, which was the clear winner.