Hand Lettered Name Decal Design

Project: Custom Hand lettered names for 3 specials kids.

For this project, rather than click the type tool and select a font, I elected to hand draw a personalized font for each child. Hand lettering has a presence and personality that a computer generated font can never compete with. Children deserve this extra touch.

I selected sign painter’s font for Gavin, a bubbly script for Madyson, and a Disney signature inspired font for Gavyn, where I had the satisfaction of making what I have always perceived as a backwards “G” face the correct direction.

After drawing the letters, I worked some Illustrator magic, smoothing them and adjusting as needed and desired.

Here is the high contrast original drawing:

And here is the Illustrator version:

Here’s Madyson’s original high contrast version of her hand drawn font, followed by her Illustrator fine tuning:

And, finally, Gavyn’s Disneyfied hand drawn type:

These customized names are ready to be printed as decals and delivered to their home. Stay tuned to see what they are used to customize.

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