Climate Challenge

12 weeks
All levels
23 lessons
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3 students
Did you know that by participating in this challenge, you are powering a movement? Movements happen all the time. We recently witnessed Black Lives Matter and The Women's March. Next up: The Climate Movement. This is the overarching movement, the movement to support because you believe in equality and safety for everyone. Ensuring a livable planet is the biggest act of love. Each week I assign several actionable tasks to address the areas where we pollute the most. By the end of the month, you will have the tools to lower your carbon footprint and stop supporting climate change. Thank you for participating in my climate challenge. I would say that you're helping to save the Earth. The fact is, the Earth will keep spinning along without us. You're helping to save us.

No, this course is free. It is my passion project. I may receive a referral credit if you click the link I provide to open a green online bank account or try Farm Fresh to You. If you'd like to support me and the other Earthlings, refer a friend


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