I offer brand and new business coaching to help you set up, express and articulate your business. If you need web and branding help but you don’t want someone else to do it for you, my hourly coaching helps you create a web presence you will be proud of. I freely share my creative thoughts and web building knowledge. Here are a few of things I can help you with:

How to set up your site or shop. I can help you decide which web host or other site or shop set up is best for you.

Visual and verbal branding elements. I can curate typefaces and colors by getting to know you and your background. I ask targeted questions to help my clients see themselves and discover how to present themselves online.

Basic marketing insight. I can advise you on website structure, email marketing, social media and SEO.

New business set up. I’ll share my experience and insight on getting a DBA, when to launch, and more.

New businesses are passion of mine. I’ve started 4. I take a holistic approach in my brand coaching for new businesses as I walk you through the new business needs: set up, web presence, branding, and marketing. I charge a very friendly hourly rate and I keep you posted on my time. Contact me today to begin our coaching journey through phone, video and email.