The group co-founder requested branding and merchandise design.
Core Values: 1: Sincerity (domestic, honest, genuine, cheerful), dependable and up to date. I use color, shape and more to embody these core values in the following AVM brand boards.

To celebrate the spirit and far reaching influence of the group I created a custom rainbow as an additional branding element.
Additionally, I created slogans and imagery for merchandise designs in 2 brand styles.

Design 1 is mostly hand lettered and uses bright yet muted colors create gentle retro beach vibe just for this loving group. The word Atwater on the t shirt represents the LA River. I elected to leave the “s” off of moms because this shirt is self expression, not advertisement.
You’ll see the small painting I made to represent the group. I placed this design on a mug, imagining us all cozily sipping tea, warmed by the mug and our sisterhood.

Design 2 has 70s look because groovy is experiencing a revival in graphic design today and because this was a special age for sisterhood.

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